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she has nice curtains

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 Jared Atkins || Snoqualmie Falls

Gianna Botticelli | Official Site   

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'Girl picking up girls'

everyone needs to watch this!

I love the girl who says “Why the fuck not?”


Anonymous asked:
Wow are you single?

Are you?

comics-comets-and-cuties asked:
Hello beautiful soul.Once you get this you must publicly say 5 things about yourself. Then pass it to 10 of your favorite followers, but not back to me :)

1. I have a terrible sweet tooth
2. I’m still waiting to feel like an adult
3. I prefer animals to people
4. I shower a lot
5. I probably wont pass this on

The way I remember it,
there was a fountain in your mouth
and i was promised eternity but
maybe I didn’t drink deep enough

I believe, even now
that I came from you
or you from me
and some jealous god
split us in twain
so we would die alone

heaven knows you stopped listening
to what I have to say, but
I would still take a rib from my chest
and plant it in the ground
if it meant you would grow from it
and love me again

myth, wesley king (via bombsinyourbones)
Anonymous asked:
Do you have a tumblr crush?

Hm, not really. 

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